The brief was to create some images that we needed to cut out of our lives to succeed. Mine is a series of dark images, something that I am far more comfortable with. However, they have very light-hearted inspiration. HAVOC was, at the time, my 2yr old grandson, who lives with me or when my great-niece came round to stay. My lounge was transformed into a battleground of crippling small toys left here and there for me to tread on. I had to possess the reflexes of a cat, eyes in the back of my head and the hands of a goalkeeper. None of which I possess anymore.

The second thing that I needed to cut out was Chaos. You know the feeling when you wake up with a mental list of things that you want to do that day and then everything changes or gets changed for you? My wife is very good at organising my life for me and suddenly I find myself flung into Chaos. Please remember this is a serious but light-hearted look at my life.

Venom came along for the ride after my wife read the bit about her organising my life (joke). The truly ironic thing is without Havoc, Chaos or Venom, I wouldn't have been inspired to create these images in the first place.

Since being diagnosed with Arthritis in 2010, I find Anger is now part of my life. Not so light-hearted this bit. I get angry very easily because of the frustration that my illness brings. It is an invisible illness that not only affects you physically, but it also hits you emotionally too. Creating helps me to forget my illness and it has pushed me to new levels of understanding myself and my environment.

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© 2019 by Michael Strevens t/a Mik Strevens Digital Artist & Photographer